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Originally Posted by Vnonymous View Post
I'm still a bit confused as to where exactly Episode 8's narration contradicts Incompetent Battler, and I also fail to see how Ange's reading for Featherine makes the narration unreliable. She's reading, not writing, and I got the impression from episode 6 that Featherine wanted Ange to read so that she would have someone to discuss the tale with(which is why episode 6 is full of scenes where Ange and Featherine question each other and discuss what is happening). Featherine needed a reader so she had a partner to theorise and reason with, not so she had someone to make mistakes and botch the tale that she wrote.
But she is not necessarily making mistakes or spoiling the tale. She's just reading. There were countless references in that episode on how the reader's way of reading can have a large impact on the nature of the tale itself. Namely, Bernkastel says in the ??? tea party 'I have no love, so some things can be interepreted in an odd way.'

Though of course such thing does not apply in reality except in a much too subtle way, Umineko takes it to an extreme. Thus, we are not actually reading the same lines of the manuscript Ange is reading, we are more likely listening to them being read aloud. And since each reader is a completely different individual, their impressions and thoughts on what they read are bound to differ drastically. To give an example, I may absolutely adore Beatrice as a character, whereas someone else may hate her. The impression made on each of us by whatever she says or does are complete opposites based on that fact.

That's the exact opposite of a "smaller fight", unless Battler was so desperately in love with Beatrice that he'd commit suicide and desecrate her corpse in an attempt to bring her back to life.
The first one has already done.
Plus, he bears the genes of a guy who would scream 'OOooOOoh, Beatoriiicheee!!!' while getting drunk...

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