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Oh... I guess it's the former then.

More like I didn't give the details

There are actually two of them. the second was born from amother attempt at creating the superhumans from scratch wuth only one survivor again. However this second could create more stable offspring. The first one was mentally unstable anyway and her children weren't consistent, normally born with defects. so she was put into storage.

Unlike what you may assume, they didn't really give birth traditionally. Egg cells were extracted from them amd cultured in incubation tanks or their blood was used to convert other living thigs into a similar race. They only ever gave birth a few times and those were just test tube babies injected into their wombs. Unlike their children who undergo acceleratwd aging pocesses, they are sealed in tanks that retard aging to such and extent that they are biologically 12 but chronologically 20 at least.

They also share mindlink with all their children so what thir off spring know and perceive they can too. So despite being sedated and kept in containment tanks their whole existence they can still perceive bits and pieces of a world outside.
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