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Originally Posted by totoum
So our heroes are half brothers born at the same time?That's interesting,so dad was seeing two girls at the same time?
The portaits being up there means Dad and Touma's mom are dead right?
I think that Souchirou and Otomi are real brothers, born from the dad who passed away and their "current" mother, whereas Touma isn't related by blood to them, but his dad is now married to Souchirou's and Otomi's mother. I don't think Touma's dad was seeing two girls at the same time, he simply met the woman he's married to now, after his first wife (Touma's mother) passed away.

As for the music, I don't know if it's Touch's OP, as I don't really watch the Koushien. I know there's ONE melody they always play, but since Natsuno went to the trouble of mentioning it was "from a tv anime" that aired "back in the day", I kept wondering if it wasn't a reference to an old Adachi classic, and from those, Touch would definitely make the most sense.

Originally Posted by MeoTwister5
Just read the two chapters and I'm already loving it. You can feel the depth and the relationships in the characters without nary a word being said, a classic Adachi. You'd think that the coach is in the dad's pocket, but his look at the half brothers tell me otherwise.
Pretty much. And there's also the classic Adachi humour to enjoy, such as the whole Punch segment. It's just timeless entertainment. Also, do any of you guys remember if there was any mention of a 'Nikaidou' on that original Meisei team that won the Koushien? The one that Tatsuya was a part of. I was talking to some friends yesterday, it'd definitely be interesting if they played together, or, at least, entered the baseball team a bit after Meisei/Tatsuya's victory at the Koushien.
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