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Originally Posted by Rising Dragon View Post
It's because the Gundam design philosophy clashes with the design philosophy of ZAFT mobile suits, with the dome heads and monoeyes. It's been lampshaded in Astray before with the Freedom Gundam.
Maybe but they've been making Gundams for awhile. Besides, the guys that made the mass produced mobile suits aren't all the same guys that made the later ZAFT Gundams. That and they stole the Gundams at the start of SEED. So it makes sense that they would be interested in making their own Gundams considering how capable the Gundams ended up being compared to anything else ZAFT developed at that point.

Destiny also shifted away from their more unique mecha designs for mobile suits in SEED and started moving into a more uniformed ZAKU Warrior force with the Gundams as their top guns.
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