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On item #1 - Physical Strength :

I also say leave it in as well. While not viable for all the mages, the physical aspect is still important. For the Vanish Bros. characters, it's all they got to combat against mages.

Also, one only has to look at Erza to see how the physical str aspect ties in to the mag power aspect as well. Everyone knows that Erza has immense physical strength (how else could she hold swords between her toes). It's what makes her fearsome as an opponent - she has access to all those weapons and she can use them easily. The magic Ex-Quip was meant mostly for weapons but she furthered it to encompass specialized armors as well.

Physical Str only really enters into the equation if a mage throws a physical attack or not. For Natsu, Fire Dragon Iron Fist only gives him a force multiplier and a fire-element charge effect to his attack - what is really driving the FD Iron Fist is Natsu's physical strength. It seems odd but physical magic isn't that common in Fairy Tail's world, even though it's proven that many of the stronger mages do in fact utilize magic to enhance or take advantage of their own latent physical abilities.

#2 Durability vs Stamina -

Durability should probably equate to physical endurance while stamina could be slotted under MP for lack of a better term. The two are linked, that much is for certain, but depending on the mage, running out of either can be game-ending or merely a nuisance. I think that for most mages, Stamina(MP) : Durability(Phys) is a 2:1 ratio - for ever 2 points of MP you lose, you lose 1 point of physical endurance. Of course, the ratio is bound to change based on how each mage is trained. Squishy wizards are at best a 1:1 while someone like Erza, Natsu and Gray can have a 3-5:1 ratio. It would explain why most mages keel over when their magic is drained abruptly. They can also pour either side into the other to gain more endurance or magical energy for whatever reason but not all mages can do that. However, a trait like Concentration/Focus could be invoked to lessen the effects of a huge magic draining spell/effect....
...and I'm thinking about this too much like some D&D game...

These graphs are just generalizations of the characters, not minutely detailed representations of them...
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