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Originally Posted by Eisdrache View Post
No offense to you but I still believe this complaint to be quite silly. Please correct me if I misunderstand but to me it seems that you're trying to kill enemies at the hardest difficulty setting with an undergeared/underleveled team and complain about them doing huge damage since, well, that should be fairly obvious.
No offense to you either, but please do more research before you try to speak on the issue, or at least get there yourself before you judge the value of people's complaints. Pro Tip: You can't be underleveled for Inferno. Everyone complaining about it isn't just complaining about the enemies merely doing too much damage or being too hard but the curve is too steep and certain mods are literally impossible even with godly gear in the later parts. It's currently more level, but for the most part you can't find gear to beat act 2 in act 1. You can wreck any trash mob, 95% of elites, and the act boss while blindfolding yet against an imba combo, it won't matter as you go down in a few seconds. In the same act. Isn't there something wrong with that?

The reason why most of us even got past act 2 pre-patch was because people exploited a bug to get into act 3, vendor crap and flooded the economy with later act items. How many people in inferno can attest that half their gear was found by themselves? Most likely not.

There's a few hundred posts on this issue in this very thread, if you care to read.

Trust me, most of us know when our play level is not at the right level. I never complained at say, Starcraft 2, because I knew I simply lacked the tactics and strategy to compete at say Masters' level. When I look at D3, and my error is "not grinding for days on end, not using the RMAH, and not cheating to bypass the difficulty", well... I feel that kind of gameplay is fundamentally flawed.
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