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Originally Posted by Duo Maxwell View Post
But isn't that what make Diablo? The grinding.
Grinding had a purpose in Diablo 2. One is mainly pvp (wait, where is this in D3?) , or to tackle special bonus areas like Uber Tristram which gave access to unique items that could only be found there.

In Diablo 3, you're basically just grinding for the sake of grinding items to go into areas... to get better items. It's certainly a wonderful thing, and I'm not objecting to the grind. The problem is that the time spent to reward/ ratio and risk to reward ratio is out of whack. That's the main problem atm.

And I'm not the only one that thinks this, given the drop buffs and difficulty being lowered. However, when the game is balanced with the subtlety of fanservice in ecchi anime, I'd say there is a problem.
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