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what chitanda see on this boring tsundere houreki, serious he match much more mayaka than eru, they are a perfect tsundere couple, while eru and satoshi are the cheerup couple, well why that "tsundere" archtype character is so to popular in japan culture(animes, mangas, LN), i'm really starting too hate this type of character, that type of character really means this personality is comun on japan?(many guys and girls acts on this way?) why almost of the shounen/seinen and even some shoujo/josei manga/anime/Ln have that archtype of character, i really starting to hate this, what te problem for ppls being true with selfs or others ppls(at last if u can't be true to others be true with self), i really liked that episode only show how hotaro with this "lie conservation of energy" lost his time in not being with this awesome girl who likes him(and him likes her but too much tsundere and deny this even to himself).
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