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Originally Posted by FredFriendly View Post
I've watched the RAW and, though it's all Greek to me, I am liking Houtarou less and less, and the other three members of the Classics Club, more and more, especially Mayaka.

Houtarou's seems to be such a dull, boring, lifeless, self-pitying loser in this episode, I don't know why the others bother with him. They certainly seemed to be having a lot more fun while he was sulking in the corner, so they should have just let him wallow in his own stupidity.

Okay, I might be a little harsh on the forlorn lad, so I will reserve judgment of this episode until after I've seen a subbed version.

But there's one thing that I find particularly annoying, and that's the "face-conveniently-hidden-syndrome" of Houtarou's sister. Is this going to end up being the biggest mystery of the whole anime, what does she look like? Is there really any need to do that?
If the dude wants to sulk let him sulk. He got back at them in his own little way by giving them minimum responses besides its not like they invited him out for fun but rather showed up to see him doing something out of character.
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