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Chapter 3 is out there!

Anyway, I'll probably type up something a bit more detailed tomorrow, but personally speaking, I think it's easily the best chapter so far. I think it's amazing how heartwarming the scene with Otomi is and how he managed to make something like that for characters which we "barely" know yet, all in some simple five pages, most of it without any sort of dialogue. His talent really shows through stuff like this. It was lovely.

Also, maybe it's just me and my frantical search for any sort of Touch clues, but aside of the ace shirt found at the end, am I the only one who really thinks the dude who was next to Touma's father on a picture REALLY looked like one of the starter guys from Tatsuya's Meisei? I mean... of course, this being Adachi it might be a hint or it might be him drawing the same character, because it's almost the same as stock footage for him! But it got me curious!

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