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To Leukrota from a certain person :
"Then just think of her as when she's out there fighting magicians, that way she'll seem more teenager-like."

To Wilfri : "Touma felt weird without Index's biting in daihaisensai, which is a distinct difference from his Ero-Fallen-Angel reaction."

..."Also, Kaori is out of the game "

From me adding to what has already been said about the loli thing : You know "loli" nowadays is more about the look than the age or else there's a huge load of anime cast out there who shouldn't be called loli. That said, Index isn't a loli only because she's too old ... but rather because her body is "too" developed, no matter how much of a pettanko she is, she's not short enough and she's got a nice body >_>

To wilfri : that person also said he agreed with what you said in your last post ... (the one just above mine I guess)
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