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Mikoto also acts like a child when chasing, throwing tantrums when he ignores her or when demands to have a serious match only to end trembling when he seems to get serious, something he never did, just bluff. And don't forget her childish tastes and her gekota related goods obsesion.
Wow, I can tell you have it against Mikoto.

Anyway, what you said is not being a child in my book, but a teen (aside from when she sees something gekota, that is indeed childish). Mikoto acts that way only in reaction to Touma, it's the sexual tension she just doesn't know to deal with, not mature, but not child-like either. Remember teens are precisely in between a child and an adult... If you analyze him, Touma also acts like a teen in the very scarce moments he's not saving someone, overreacting to "ecchi" situations, whining about his luck, and generally avoiding responsibilities until he has no choice but to face them.
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