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Also by your own logic isn't Index the same? (Read C2F message trough dersktu's posts).
Index's bite, maybe... I can't even say for sure it's due to sexual tension since it seems more like a kid wanting it's parent's attention. I mean, it's physical contact but she's usually unaware of that fact (the unintended kiss being an exception.)

But all the dependent attitudes, like her hunger strikes or asking for help finding Touma or wanting to play with Touma and generally being there feeling helpless, she takes them in front of anyone (Touma, Komoe, Accelerator, Itsuwa, the nuns, etc...)

Mikoto has her childish side, but Index behaves like a child most of the time, the events where she becomes self-aware are rare... it's like she's barely scratching puberty.

Anyway, I believe "C2F's message" is a sarcastic one. Or more precisely, using a Reductio ad absurdum argument.

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I'm a bit tired and my shoulder keeps me feeling unconfortable, I'm gonna take break or just a nap and the I'll keep with the topic later.
Well, I'm off to sleep too anyway, it's getting quite late here.
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