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Question for moonspeakers:

"Clan / Tribe" -- whatever word is used for Yuuno Scrya's extended family, does it have connotations of "extended family" or "self-contained culture"?

Basically, are we looking at a self-perpetuating people-group like the Lu Rushe tribe, isolated and alone on their planet, or are we looking at a few nuclear families nomadically traveling from dig-site to dig-site under the leadership of a charismatic grandparent?

@On current topic:

But did Nanoha decide that Raising Heart would be a staff, or was it always going to be a staff and she merely got to choose what it looked like? And didn't Yuuno call it a staff, as well?

Conversely, a barrier jacket is just a spell -- a running program, not a piece of hardware. And yes, the Cartridge Ignition system comes in two models: (R)evolver and (A)utomatic.
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