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As for SBS lots of fun stuff but big new character data comes in the form of how often the crew takes bathes/showers etc. Luffy, Zoro & Brook once a week. Chopper, Franky and Usopp once every three days. Nami, Sanji and Robin, every day.
If a bitter vigilante were to take a bath/shower, it would be to heal wounds received. Other times for a bath/shower would be not at all.

Smoker is responsible for tearing off Tashigi's bra.
As to why we'll probably never know.

Oda reveals Jinbei's ideas for the naming of his plan:
The Great Strawhat is a Hero Plan
The Great We Adore Humans Plan
The Great To Hell With What History Has to Say Plan
Here's an idea that's more appropriate:

The Great "Times They Are A Changing" Plan

SBS6: A reader explained to one of their friends that Robin doesn't like exposing her boobs, it's simply that Oda likes boobs. Oda confirms this.
Isn't that breaking the fourth wall?
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