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Originally Posted by malason13 View Post

I have always thought she is more like akeno.. cause Sona doesnt have the emotion she has that Sona doesnt show..


Oh and who is that girl with a gift from heaven body??
Spoiler for pic.:

Left to Right: [Official historical name]

Maeda Inuchiyo [Maeda Toshiie]
Hachisuka Goemon [Masakatsu Hachisuka]
Kennyo [Honganji Kennyo/Kosa(real name)]
Saika Magoichi [Suzuki Magoichi]

BTW, Honganji or Hongan Temple is the largest Buddhist [Jōdo Shinshū/Ikko Sect] temple during the period and had considerable influence and military power. The leader of those temple inherits Honganji as family name, he's basically the Pope of Japan during those time.

Suzuki Magoichi is from the Suzuki clan, wildly known as Saika Magoichi due to he also being the leader of Saika Ikki (local militia of Saika area).
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