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Well now, well now..... there was a neat little OP-related surprised packaged with the latest SJ issue! It's a book commemorating the series' 15th anniversary called One Piece: Dive to Grand World! There's neat content to be found for sure, but probably the most interesting of it (at least to me) is this map of the OP world:

Greg from the OP Podcast translated some of the new, interesting info. And so, I shall let him do the speaking for me here once more:

Originally Posted by Greg
It also appears to be confirmed in the booklet with the latest JUMP issue that Mihawk, Doflamingo, Kuma & Hancock are still listed as Shichibukai leaving two unknown spaces. Kuma? Still? Really??? Even though he was out of commision protecting Sunny so long?

More original info from the special booklet with the newest issue of JUMP (not officially released yet).

SIZES!!!! Now, the sizes are NOT exact but it's still nice to have estimates!!!!
Shirahoshi: 17m
Megalo: 25m
Hoe: 40m
Sea Bear: 50m
Sea Lion: 55m
PH Dragon (Large): 70m
Smiley: 150m
Kraken: 300m
Sea Kings: More than 5000 meters!?!?!?!???????

World map!!!

Sambas sea region (near Baratie) サンバス
Polestar Archipelago (location of Logue Town)
Yotsuba Island (Location of Shells Town)

^Aside from that, the rest of the info chiefly consists of stuff that we already knew, like the crew positions (interestingly, it seems to list Franky as being both the carpenter AND helmsman, so I guess that settles the old argument about the need for a new member to fit that position). There's also some bounties listed, but again, they're ones that we already knew (though at least it shows Ace's 550 million bounty here, which was revealed recently). There's also some sketches for Film Z shown, some familiar, but the rest new, I think. And so, I shall post them in the appropriate thread. But what's also cool is that in another page of Oda's sketches, there's one that actually seems to reveal the faces of the Yeti Cool Brothers from the Punk Hazard arc:

Yes, yes, this was a nice little surprise indeed (and somewhat makes up for the disappointment of OP White, IMO). And now to get to posting those Film Z sketches.....
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