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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
Thought I'd post a few more tidbits of info from Dive to Grand World:

-In my previous post, I mentioned there being some bounties listed from the ones we already knew. But I forgot to mention that the highest prices so far go in the order of Ace, Law, and Jinbei. Interestingly, we still don't actually know his exact price, but he's ranked right between Luffy and Law, indicating that his current bounty is somewhere between 400 and 440 million.
Are we talking about Jinbei's price? I would estimate said price to be 420 million.

Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
-There's also a page that talks about the different races that exist in the OP world. What's really interesting here is that Bepo, Pekoms, and Koala the three-eyed girl from Big Mom's crew are apparently listed as being unidentified species. And on the same page, it's mentioned that Mink-men, Dwarf, and Snake-neck tribes are still shrouded in mystery (some of the more observant posters may remember that we first heard of those 3 tribes before during the Sabaody arc).
I look forward to seeing the Dwarf tribe in future story arcs.

Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
-Another really cool tidbit of info here is that we learn of some details about how the battle between Aokiji and Akainu affected Punk Hazard's weather. As to be expected, the admiral's DF powers raised ice mountains and volcanoes on the island, and that the battle also cracked a hole into the island's center. Some sea water flowed into the hole, and it affected the island's development: The hot side was created due to the magma that fell into the ocean water nearby, which raised the temperature greatly. As for the cold side, it was created due to dry winds blowing the vapor created from the magma into the sky, which created clouds. And it's those clouds that rain snow upon the cold half of the island.
That's one major tidbit there. That lake of sea water probably explains why Smiley the slime was avoiding it.
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