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Originally Posted by evil|plushie View Post
You're thinking too rationally. This is a girl who's issue in the last arc was basically 'she didn't trust anyone'. She still doesn't fully trust anyone yet so she doesn't believe that things won't get ugly if she lets her true feelings be known now
I know, but I always figured Inaba was the more rational, level headed type. But with each new episode that image is slowly changing.

Originally Posted by Lantern View Post
I feel like many people been focusing too much on Inaba’s not-trusting issue while ignoring the other half of her problem which is her self-loathing (she thinks of herself as a horrible and unworthy person) resulting a very negative self-esteem and thus the fear of hurting her friends, both of which combines and makes her completely unable to open herself to them. Just want to throw this out there.
Would I be correct in assuming that some of her self-loathing steams from her trust issues and how that's one part of herself she doesn't like?
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