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The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that Haertseed does this not for his entertainment (or not only), but rather he primarily does this to actually help them.

The body switching was to have them get to know each other better, and to get them to talk about their issues and help each other overcome them.

Then, when he noticed that the gap between Taichi and Iori was so huge it was impossible for them to ever get together by themselves. He then thought up the plan with Iori jumping off the bridge into the water, and then pretended he situation was critical - when in all reality, it wasn't even remotely close to reality.
Anyway, the shock served its purpose, and we finally have Taichi and Iori talk about their feelings.

However, once the truth was revealed and the shock faded, both instantly went back to their previous states, as if nothing had happened.
Even wwith Heartseed helping out and having them talk with each other (which they wouldn't have doen otherwise), nothing resulted from the talk.

As such, Iori are a hopeless couple with no chance of getting anywhere, despite Heartseed pushing.
Before Iori can have a relationship with anyone, she needs to find herself first - and it looks like that will be still a long way.

Aoki and Yui have a *much* greater chance of getting together. Aoki doesn't have any problems like Taichi has with is extreme shyness, and Yui is already starting to overcome her androphobia. The "kick in the nads" method helped, and I think that her beating up those guys will help her as well. Not right away, but in the long run, where she'll realise that her fear is totally baseless,and she can easily hold herself against men.

Inaba really needs to act out her desires. Heartseed let her act out her desire already once. Now she needs to make a conscious decision to act it out by herself. She, too, needs to stop being a "selfless freak" and start thinking of herself, rather than trying to bring a couple together which doesn't have any hope whatsoever right from the beginning. She needs more self-esteem and trust in *herself*, especially.

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Great pose
Spoiler for niiiiice figurine:
Nice, but not near as good as it could be. We need a figure where Inaban is prowling across the table, coming to pounce at you

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There are just too many very good but R-18 pictures of Inaban.....
Any links would be much appreciated
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