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Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor View Post
That is an opinion and that in itself is okay. Plus, you’re actually open to a future development possibility, which is fine too. Still, if it’s up to me, I won’t say a comment like “this show sucks coz some characters are not developed at all!” until the show itself is over. That kinda statement in itself is a premature conclusion which is not valid (yet).
I think some people just don't see the value in diplomacy/manners when expressing opinions, and just say whatever they're feeling at the moment in the most blunt way possible, even if they're rushing to premature judgement. It's not necessarily that the feelings behind it are wrong or invalid (everyone's allowed to have an opinion), but the way of expressing the opinion always makes it seem like it's someone else's fault they feel that way (like their not enjoying it is undeniable proof that the show did something wrong). It adds a lot of tension to threads that are really just a bunch of random people expressing their personal opinions. I think discussions would be a lot more civil if people were more polite and restrained... but I guess some people like the (artificial) drama.

(For myself, I had this concept of politeness so drilled into me as a kid that I'll never even say something "sucks" even after it's done. I'll just explain why I couldn't enjoy it, if anything. "If you can't say something nice..." Well, a topic for another thread.)
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