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Turns out it was also the first year of the 16-game schedule, too.

The Patriots showed a running game for the first time in years. Stevan Ridley had 125 yards in 21 carries against the Titans along with another 27 receiving yards. The Pats scoring drive near the end of the third quarter started at the TEN 48 and consisted of two short passes by Brady and the rest was Ridley. Brady and a running game? Scary.

So can someone explain to me how the Jets, who I thought had largely been written off this season, could trounce the Bills, who many saw as the up-and-coming threat to the Pats' dominance in the AFC East? Any thoughts, FDW?

I'm not saying you're wrong. i thought Fitzpatrick and the Bills looked like formidable competitors down the stretch last season. So what happened today?

Nice to see the Niners win.
I'm pretty sure only the media thought anything good about the Bills. I certainly don't know a single real person that thought anything good about the Bills. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how a media that is increasingly having to rely on soundbites in today's generation of 24/7 news would think the story of a team that hasn't been relevant in over a decade might be alluring.

It's kind of like how obvious it was that ESPN was hoping for Penn State to win its opening game. I laugh at how much money they probably spent on their redemption season story, that largely got scuttled, when Penn State lost to a MAC team.

TLDR: Some stories are real, and others are manufactured. Bills being a legit team, is a manufactured story. Despite winning, I'm convinced the Jets being dysfunctional is a real story.

Now, I'll admit, I've thought the Jets are a fairly horrible team, and that the best one can really expect from Mark Sanchez is a game manager quarterback. I think their window was as wide open as it could be in the first year or two that they had Sanchez. I think their team is just getting worse now, and I suspect in another year or two, all pretense of being a contender will be thrown out the window and people will have to accept the team is going to be rebuilding.

While I think FDW is extreme in his views, I'd predict mediocre seasons for both the Jets and the Bills. Likely in the 6-7 win range.

I'm torn about how to feel about the Niners/Packers game. I hate the Packers, so their loss is great, but I hate the Niners as well, so it all sort of comes out to this neutral feeling. Now, I'm willing to put my hate for the Niners aside to admit that they are already looking like a serious contender for reaching the SB.

I was surprised at RG3's performance today. I figured he'd be a complete bust, and while it's only one game, he's now getting the benefit of my doubt. I'm still not convinced he's going to have any long term success, but I'm now a lot more open to the possibility.

I'm pulling for the Bears to take the NFC North this year, and they got off to a good start. I can't wait 'till they play the Packers.

Peyton is looking good. That said, I have no real expectations from him this year. A year off is a long time. I do expect great things from him next year though.

As a Badger, I was glad to see Russel Wilson get his starting shot with the Seahawks. Hate to see any team lose to Arizona, which I consider one of the most dysfunctional teams in the NFL.

I wonder, after the Saint's loss, if that's simply because there's no one at their practices enforcing the fear of God into the players to get their acts together. They looked pretty bad. I'm generally very skeptical of the effect one individual head coach has over any other individual head coach, but having spent K-12 playing soccer, one area I firmly believe a coach has an effect on is player discipline. I remember one year, our team had more talent than was remotely fair, even going so far as to fudge the rules to get good players outside our district, but our coaching staff was a mess, and we had a mediocre season.

I was a big fan of Vick during his first year as a starter for the Eagles. Since then, he seems to be getting worse and worse. I think if this year continues on without some signs that he's going to reverse his regression, the Eagles need to seriously start thinking about finding a replacement QB.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
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