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Reactions to games today:

Eagles/Browns: holy crap...the browns QB finished below a 10 QB rating, and the Eagles won by 1 measly point in the last two minutes. The best running back in the league, and the playcalling is atrocious, and Vick was waaaaay off his game, and the offensive line just racked up the holding penalties. If that shit isn't fixed next week, Ray Lewis and his birds are going to stomp all over the Iggiez.

Niners/Packers: Jim Harbaugh's a badass, and dat D is damn good. It's freaking amazing what Harbaugh has done with a very average QB.

Colts (errr Broncos--whatever...the Peytons)/Steelers: Peyton made everyone look like idiots. That is all. Wait, that's not all. Tracy Porter epic trolled Roflsburger the same way he trolled Peyton in the super bowl. Peyton musta gotten a nyuk nyuk nyuk outta that one. And at this rate, I see the AFC super bowl being the winner of New England vs. Denver. Peyton vs. Brady--what else is new?
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