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Originally Posted by FDW View Post
Alex Smith isn't average, he just looks that way because he spent six seasons playing under staff and ownership who didn't have a clue what to do with him, a merry-go-round he experienced with offensive coordinators, and a tilt-a-whirl that he experienced at WR. Any QB would've fared horribly in those conditions.
These days any quarterback that doesn't put up fantasy football numbers is average to people. Smith at this point I'd say is decent, but he's better than your "average" starter a la Kyle Orton or Matt Moore.

Originally Posted by FDW View Post
It's certainly not guaranteed, but it's still a definite possibility if things go right. And I agree with you about Frank Gore, and I actually think he's going to be around for at least another five seasons after this year. (Though he'll probably end up conceding the No.1 Rusher slot to Kendall Hunter at some point before then)
Five seasons after this one and he'd be 34. That's not happening.

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