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RGIII looked very very good. That one pass he threw across the field to the sideline was just sick. Dear me, the Redskin actually may have a credible offense this season. The skin-fans appear to have something to be excited about for real.

I'm also very happy for Peyton. He looked the old Peyton, especially in the second half. Niners just dominated. Their defense seem even stronger this year.

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Only if Vilma can prove that Goodell willfully defamed him with malice aforethought. It's not on the defendant to prove his innocence until the one suing him can prove his guilt.
Considering a commissioner of the NFL brought a charge specifically against four defensive players and suspended them because they were taking money to injure, it might be as easy as the following for Vilma:

Judge: "What brings you here gentlemen?"

Vilma: "Your honor, that dude told everyone I took money to injure players. Everything I've accomplished as a linebacker in the NFL is tarnished forever. I want 6.8 trillion dollars in damages, a 500-word essay, double spaced, stating how profusely sorry he is, and a night with his wife for quality times providing his wife is hot as balls."

Judge: "What say you, Goodell?"

Goodell: "Your honor, I've 50,000 documents (the actual number NFL claimed to have) which shows clearly he was taking money to injure players."

Judge: "May I see them?"

Goodell: "Okay, but I may not have all 50,000 documents available. And the ones that I may have may not clearly demonstrate the intent Vilma had when he was carrying out those hits."


Judge: "Vilma, you may go bang his wife providing she is hot as balls. You will also have your 500-word essay, double spaced. I don't know about the money, however, since I think you wrote down the amount from a typical US budget. This court is adjourned."

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