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Originally Posted by Rin Listviel View Post
Well im reading date a live forum here until page 22..forgive me if my statement already been made...

What i want to say is :

Many of you say "First girl become End girl"....I think this novel wont end up as "first girl become end girl"...since if that happen...then the ending will be Shidou with'on...they meet 5years prior before shidou meet Tohka..and back then shidou didnt sister-zoned kotori yet....i dunno how in the world kotori become sister-zoned character thou,since in the flash-back it doesnt explain much about it..

Soo....this novel will end...with...Harem end..or "Random girl"(i think the second girl..which mean tohka)...

I wish there more detail about what happen in 5years before tohka show up in the future volume...personaly i want him to be with>XD
Kotori became Shidou sister because of memory jumbling thus the sister zone. and if Kotori becomes the end girl you can expect the other 10 girls go *snap* on them.
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