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Originally Posted by Utsuro no Hako View Post
I've never believed that. Power reveals who you really are. If you turn into a jerk when you get power, you were always a jerk, you just didn't have the means to act upon it.
I don't think that power corrupts everybody. In fiction, there's some examples of very powerful characters who maintain strong moral beliefs and respect for life in general (the most concrete example of this being most versions of Superman).

That being said, I've seen frequent examples of power corrupting people. I've seen it in politics, and at places of work. I've often heard about (and personally seen) how so-and-so used to be this friendly coworker, then s/he was promoted, and then s/he became less approachable, less considerate, more demanding, etc...

I don't think that becoming corrupted by power means that someone is inherently "a jerk" or something to that effect. I think that it simply means that not everybody handles power well.
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