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Originally Posted by Utsuro no Hako View Post
I've never believed that. Power reveals who you really are. If you turn into a jerk when you get power, you were always a jerk, you just didn't have the means to act upon it.
I also agree with this. What Satoru is doing is reflected in his personality. I'm feel that Shun would be more analytic about what the best action is based on the situation. Mamoru would have ran in fear. This is not to say Satoru is a bloodthirsty/powerhungry maniac, but having him take the initiative to attack certainly reflects his will to show his power. Unrelatedly(in a way), it might also attribute to (a) the subtle hints of him liking Saki, and wanting to show he is someone she can rely on(or maybe to be 'cool' or some other similar effect) and (b) being the one in control, as Shun has been mostly the 'leader' for the group.
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