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I am surprised at the number of people who didn't get what was happening at the start of the episode. It was a bit trippy but it wasn't hard to understand imo. It could have used some better directing (and perhaps foreshadowing too) though.

I don't think Satoru's morally wrong in doing what he's doing, it's essentially fighting for survival and morality be damned when it comes to that, but he's being rash and trusting one side too much. It's very clear that the colony that's "helping" them doesn't give two hoots about them if they don't have their cantus. Saki is smart but she has erred and I am afraid the queerrats led them to a trap of sorts. There is no fucking way they didn't act on the suspicion that only Satoru is a "god" right now.

Oh and the death feedback (or just exhaustion?) is starting to get to him too. It's kinda obvious that they will both survive but that's quite the cliffhanger nonetheless.
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