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Thing now, is how they combat the dragons, for one, DS are now the most powerful weapon they have against the dragons consider they are dragon slayers(no matter how much weaker they are to certain other mages)

Should we see others like Erza, Jura, Gildartz beating down dragons cause they are stronger than Natsu?
Honestly, no I think we shouldn't.
Ok I'd maybe give if it was a large group of very powerful mages beating down 1 dragon but alone or in small groups, I don't think I'd accept seeing such characters beating a dragon by themselves.
It would kinda rule out DS as being DS really.

I think we'd have to see Natsu and fellow DS raise the bar by them taking out dragons with some ease in order for others to have that fighting chance imo.

Well I tell ya one thing, I rather enjoy Mashima's cheese filled moments in this tale, they make chuckle in a very good way
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