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Originally Posted by MAX_COLA_POWER! View Post
One whole chapter showing the Princess' guilt for falling for Shadow Rogue's lies? I could've saved ink by just writing, you done fucked up flatty. Next time you wanna listen to a pretty boy's words from the future, don't.
To be fair, if someone came to you with knowledge of the future, by showing that you know how things turn out, and warned you that something bad would happen if you did or didn't do something, you might listen to. Not saying you definitely would, but it would be a 50/50 chance for me, so I don't blame the princess much.

Anyway, surprise that Lucy had Cruz looking into things; always nice to see her using her spirits, especially the ones you think are forgotten. Natsu is getting up, and dragons are coming through.

Will Igneel, Grandeeny, and Metalicana show up? Maybe the light and shadow dragons? Will 10,000 dragons come through, or will they stop it and keep the dragons to a minimum? Maybe the dragons weren't wiped out 400 years ago, but instead came to the future, which is how Igneel knew he'd meet Grandeeny and the others here at this festival. But given how they had issues with Acnologia, it's not looking good for the people of this world, to deal with so many dragons. Gonna need a serious power boost, or serious teamwork.
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