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Well, let's just say I am sick and tired of this homogenous society. I learned English for a lot of reasons, and one of them is to broadly open my conversation to the rest of world. And, I do feel great that I get to talk to many of you because of this.

So why not make good use of it? Rather than sticking to old cultures and traditions, being bound to have a "normal" Japanese girlfriend or wife is rather boring to me. If I mingle with an international crowd, I want to meet and fall in love with a girl outside of my sphere.

And, while this may come as a surprise, I love liberalism. And the most liberal happens to be Scandinavian nations in Europe like Norway and Sweden.

So, if there are any girls who happen to be from such area around the ages of 18-28 who love anime and are interesting in Japanese culture, let's become friends!!

My farfetched dream is to get out of Japan, meet a nice girl outside of my sphere, and live somewhere with nice temperate weather for the rest of our eternity.

Originally Posted by DaFool
And why complain? Japan is Heaven for men and Hell for women during Valentine's day! I could sure use some of the chocolates your female coworkers would definitely be giving you tomorrow, even if only out of obligation.
Heaven for men if you are popular. But even then, obligation or no obligation, you are still bound to give something back on White Day. Seriously, Valentine's Day in Japan is nothing more than a marketing tool. At least in the U.S. and Europe, the true meaning of Valentine's still holds strong. Here, it's just a popularity tool with clever marketing that 2/14 is for women to give to men and not the other way around.
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