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Originally Posted by rogerpepitone View Post
None of the images we've seen of Rokkenjima show power cables. Either each building has its own generator, or the power cables are underground.
None of the images we've seen of the island show the mansions from the top-down either, but they're there.

In any case, an exploding boiler set as the "catastrophe", with Unknown culprit X messing with it, as supported by episode 1 and Kanon's murder scene, seems viable. It would move suspicions out of an unlikely (and frankly unstoppable) freak event like a landslide or tidal wave, back into a human murderer being capable of taking everyone out and erasing all evidence, while still being physically absent (or dead).

Also, I wouldn't put it past Ryushiki to have it as a "Shining" reference (a hotel with a checkered history is destroyed through a boiler explosion). Taken as that, Maria can be a Shining reference as well (a troubled child who can see spirits).

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