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I disagree with you all.
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I'd be able to accept the plan better if this was the case. If there is very little traffic then it'd take way too long to get people there via smuggling. Probably pretty expensive to take trips from colonies to the Earth anyways just from a resources point of view. Might be the only ones who go from the colonies to the Earth are the military and the super rich. Also possible the Earth has strict immigration policies to they don't have to deal with a problem of overpopulation.
Yeah, but then we're back to the problem of getting them papers so they can hide in plain sight. Made even more difficult by the fact they couldn't use the "oh, I'm just a harmless refugee from the colonies, and aren't those Vagans who chased us away from there terrible people?" story.

Does seem like they will have way too few people to really fight a war. Of course works out fine for generation 3 since it gives some reason for why we can have another gap. It's definitely not much of a plan B since with so few people they can only do so much. Maybe they can try and conquer a few small countries and dig in.
Conquer with what? It's not just people - they've got to be lacking supplies. And if they show themselves - defeating the purpose of landing secretly - how are they going to resist the might of the whole planet?
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