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D-KLAC, you're overstating your case. If you were trying to make a stronger argument, you just have to claim that the Cosmic Era shows are more successful than any of the non-UC shows. If you want to go on about how they violated UC "laws", then you have the much more difficult task of first establishing that those laws somehow exist, and other peripheral points. So far, your rhetoric isn't up to that task of doing that - you're much better off making claims that you can easily back up. Otherwise, your arguments won't go anywhere, and won't convince anyone.

Realistically speaking, more Cosmic Era shows are still likely to be in the offing, pending the success of the movie. At this point, it's just as much of a money-maker as UC Gundam is, and they are far less restrained in producing another TV show.

By the way, why would you want a crossover between UC and Cosmic Era? This doesn't seem to me like a promising idea at all.
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