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Originally Posted by D-KLAC
hey i've hearing so much about the rival 2 gundam series that is gs & uc.
They're only rivals in some fans' estimation. But people are willing to believe all sorts of silly things. For all practical purposes, it's superior to regard them as completely different franchises.

Originally Posted by D-KLAC
since those 2 are main 2 gundam series so maybe this crazy idea would be interesting for an future gundam series aniversity special that is a crossover gundam series.

besides this could be intresting for 2 different gundam series combine for one whole series old school uc meet new school gs.
But what advantage would this confer? The reason why both groups of shows work is because they are completely self-contained universes. Putting both in the same show will actually reduce both universes' strong points.

On the other hand, if you're interested in which franchise has better mobile suits, we have that kind of thread in this forum. Ditto for comparing characters, organizations, and universes in general. I suggest that you explore this avenue instead of fantasizing about some sort of combined show that will likely (and hopefully) never happen. If you do want to discuss those ideas, then I suggest that you first watch the UC shows, and that you start backing up any of your claims with evidence.
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