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GELVEN: You mention same "GS IS t3h SMEX!!!11!1!!1" over and over again... what else do you want him to call you? Erhm... SIRANG PLAKA? Besides, you don't really pay attention to what they are saying; not only them, also to the other people in the forums you've visited...

CE and UC? Rivals? not even close... CE salutes UC: Most CE material are based from UC... *cough* ZAKU *cough* GOUF *cough* DOM *cough* Hi-NU-GUNDAM *cough* (though the HI-NU GUNDAM in CE spelled "STRIKE-FREEDOM") ... and gelven, it's CE, not GS...

edit: if you're referring CE and UC as rivals, they are in a McDonald's-Jollibee way... wherein Jollibee takes original ideas from McDonald's... I can make a list of characters in CE with their UC counterparts, and explanations how they are so...

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