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I loved the balance between the six poem goddesses in Moira. Like how REMI's voice was matched with Mari Endou's, Yuuki's with Shimotsukin's, and Kaori's with MIKI's. There were times when three were on stage singing, then they would exit and the other three would go on.

And I kinda like the replacements better than the original vocalists. Azumi Inoue has a lovely voice and fits perfectly in the role of the 'loving wife' as Eirene, or the 'wise woman' as Sophia. Mari Endou was wonderful, I thought, too. I'll guess that she's classically trained (Kame-chan is too, and REMI maybe, but she has control problems with her voice).

I didn't like Moira much until I saw the live. I agree with DG that it's best seen as a whole. And I'll add that it needs to be presented visually, as well as musically. The actors were amazing (the kids were cute especially (^_^). But Moira's on such a grand scale that I still don't know what to think of it. As a stage musical, I think it's amazing. As a Sound Horizon album... It's such a far departure from anything they've done before, and I was never a fan of epicness... I don't know. I still love SH, but I'm a bit nervous as to where their music is going.
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