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Originally Posted by Yoko Takeo View Post
I have thought about that as one of the reasons why they taste so good to him. But Meruem has already eaten humans with strong nen iirc, but they did not taste as good as this. Which led me to think that perhaps ants generally taste better than humans, although some will taste better than others because they have stronger nen. I also think the ants experience something akin to orgasm when they are eaten by Meruem.
I guess what I thought of that 'strong' human nen user was not really strong at all compared to the royal guards. For examples, that 'strong' human couldn't even react to the king's attack. I'm sure the royal guards are much stronger, in that sense.

In short I'm just trying to say race doesn't matter to the king, just your strength, and that the royal guards are far more stronger than any human that the king ate before.
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