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Originally Posted by Leo_Otaku View Post
I have heard it and seen on their sales page it is the top seller than in non ero.
That's because Higurashi is MangaGamer's only non-ero game. Sure, there's Da Capo Innocent Finale, but it's an alternative setting to Da Capo, which is an ero. Kira Kira All-Ages Version is just Kira Kira with the ero scenes removed. Higurashi is the only game that's always been 100% non-ero.

Also, I managed to extract the following image from the 07th Expansion's homepage banner. If anyone wants…

(click thumbnail for full size)

I also managed to get details for the OP (YouTube / higanbana1.mpg)…

Title: 愛しを渡るは黄昏ぞ (Aishi o wataru wa tasogare zo)
Lyrics: 佐倉かなえ (Sakura Kanae) and ラック眼力 (Rakku Ganriki, Luck Ganriki)
Composers: dai (dai) and ラック眼力 (Rakku Ganriki, Luck Ganriki)
Arrangement: ラック眼力 (Rakku Ganriki) and (dai) dai
Vocals: 木野寧 (Kino Nei, Nei Kino)

It's good to see the return of dai (who everyone should remember), Sakura Kanae (provided vocals for discode), Luck Ganriki and Kino Nei (respectively composed and provided vocals for Happy Maria!).

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