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Originally Posted by sayde View Post
Like killing alot of the cast and I mean alot.

It can be slightly hard to think of something sometimes, when that something happens you just know it's gone too far and you give up but you wouldn't know till it happened.

or maybe giving some of the captains some truly suck ass bankai's and I mean truly suck ass ones.
Ukitake and Shunsui are the two, I most look forward to but I get the feeling we may be let down in end but saying that I think it's a fair bet that we probably won't get to see these any time soon and most likely towards the end of the series.

Originally Posted by sayde View Post
Even if the things you come up with are extremely unlikely to happen, I do encourage you and (others of you who feel similarly) to share anyways if you can. It's partially what I'd hope would make this topic more interesting (or funny even).
The unlikely things that could happen could be anything one's mind can conjure up which is anything from the mundane to the absolute absurd.

For instance I am one with a fascination for traps and we haven't really had one in this series, so maybe if something like a cliche cho kawaii Idol called Nyan-chan~ showing up and proclaiming a love for Ichigo and that "she" is his fiancee.
Reasons unknown to Ichigo he rejects "her" but in fact does want to marry "her"
We then get a bunch of chapters telling the story of how a "female" Idol and tsundere highschool boy get together.

After they marry, Ichigo decides to go to Mr Hat and Clogs and asks him to put his soul into a female gi~whatever you call em so that she and "her" can have a famliy of 2 girls and 1 boy.

Years later after living a happy family life, a old acquaintance shows up....

Dun dun dun, iiiiit's Aizen!

He's a little taken aback about whats happened to Ichigo but instead of getting revenge by killing him he decideds to woooo "her" instead.

We then get a tale of adultery and Netorare, as Ichigo succumbs to the charms of Aizen.

Thats when Nyan-chan~ catches "her" wife with Aizen in bed and so the following insues


The end~

see, do you really want to know what some people think?
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