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I've already given up the anime so I don't see giving up the manga that far off. Once you stop reading chapters and realize that you have missed absolutely nothing, it's not all that hard to give it a pass from week to week. I'm just glad I don't pay for any of it. What an epic waste of money that would be.

Now what would it take for me to drop the series completely? More of what Kubo is doing now. I don't care about the Fullbringers. I don't care about these Captain vs Fullbringer fights where they are clearly getting pwned and it's plainly obvious they will be defeated in short order. What was the point? It accomplished absolutely nothing. That is what I can't stand. If it's not contributing to the story or character development, it's wasting my time.

Kubo has ignored every character with an interesting back story in favour of meaningless fights. Urahara, Isshin, Yoruichi, hell even Grimm & Nel -> these characters I actually somewhat give a sh*t about. Ichigo's friends have become boring and stagnant. No development there. Ichigo is just about the stupidest and whiniest hero I have ever seen in a shonen manga. Kubo has even managed to turn Rukia into "just another character" like Renji has become.

The only reason I kept reading after SS was to see how things with Gin would play out. Then Kubo killed him off. I held on afterwards in the hopes that Kubo would reveal something (anything!) about Urahara or Isshin to keep my interest or reveal their motives. Instead we got a lame and pointless fullbringer arc featuring more wasted panels and Ichigo whining, then "finding himself". Fabulous.

I may pick it up again once this arc is over, but for now I've given it up. I've really only been coming back to the forums for the odd character discussion because that can actually be interesting. Except that now Kubo has killed off almost all the interesting characters. Nice move, d*ck.
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