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All of this really is heading toward Chihiro as the final boss... After all, her inferiority complex of being normal and the broken heart toward Keima opened the gap that she got back in her arc. The same formula is occurring again, but this times several times as big.

The anime may have messed Wakaki's plan up a bit. Reading back chapter 28, unlike the anime, it totally make sense if Chihiro really wanted to propose to Keima that day. She was hesitating to give those to Keima,and then eavesdropped his talk (describing her normal and boring.. big switch to her), got heart broken with an open gap in her heart, shocked and angry before running away. Then she just try to act normally, confess to a 2nd choice guy, before being bitterly rejected again. Clearly her gap was opened when overhearing Keima's talk rather than after being rejected by that boy, making it more likely that it was Keima in her heart all along

So my guess on the future developments: Chihiro will be the one with the biggest gap open that day in her school, right at the moment when those Weiss matured and need a host or some sort, so they all entered her gap, turn her into one of the Kusunoki's final boss type. And then we gonna have some flashback on the reason why Chihiro interested in Keima in the first place. This flashback will be showed either before or after Keima getting back to his true and honest God-like self, and conquest her, and start to acknowledge his own interest toward 3D girls.
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