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Interesting show.

I see from a cursory glance of the forums that the fan base has been split down the middle again - with "colored" opinions all over the place. LOL
With each side taking shots at the "enemy heroine"'s flaws (which is particularly easy to do with this show because ...), without realizing that just about everyone in the club is severely flawed and "problematic" - especially our two lead heroines - which is why they are in the club in the first place!!! [1]

The characters of this show are a little different from the usual wish-fulfillment characters you find in your typical harem anime, and for most part I accept and like the flawed characters for what they are.

As for the ending I felt it was kind of weak, the reveal of the last episode promised so much :x, but they are ending the show and had to wrap it up somehow - also the author would be committing suicide if he let the "reveal" push the plot direction 180 on impact as it will effectively end the story; never read the LNs but I assuming he is going to "slow burn" the after effects of the "reveal".

Originally Posted by VVolf View Post
While this "comeback of Yozora" was rather weak since they waited 11 episodes to finally re-establish Yozora's position as the main heroine
Errr, I thought it was obvious from the first ep.

Yozora has always been the "star" of the EDing sequence.

[1] Our male lead is the exception, his only "real problem" is the color of his hair which destroys everyone's first impression of him, and that first impression then goes on to color all his future actions.
But a "voice of reason" character like him is required in the insanity of the club to keep things from devolving into complete chaos.
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