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The answer is one of the 12 basic principles of animation and character design, appeal.

No single story or character can be liked by everyone, they can only make themselves 'identifiable' in your words, through the way they appeal to audience.

To create appeal for anything, you need to draw out the strengths of each individual character, give them charisma, give more important characters more emphasis in design and story. Appeal is not just looking cool and pretty, its about the very personality of the characters. The hotblooded guy, the tsundere girl, the melodramatic villian, etc. Take all these personalities and strengthen them with their acting and appearance and people will recognise these characters through their performance.

If you want to generate any emotion or atmosphere, make it as strong as possible, combine the story and acting of the characters with the setting and lighting, put in the right sound track and set the mood. Let your audience feel exactly what you want them to feel your show and characters are about. Let them know and relate to the characters and bring them into the story.

Its all in the context, build up as much detail in the scenes. What era is the story set in? Where is the story taking place? What do the characters wear and how do they behave in this setting? How would the characters interact with each other and their setting?

There is alot to think when you are making an animation, animators need to be psychologists, actors, biologists, physicists, architects, fashion designers etc. and more. It is the most scientific and technical of all arts.
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