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Originally Posted by Kirito View Post
What is it that makes a character or an anime series itself "identifiable" to the viewers (ie us)? Is it because of the character designs, genre, personality traits, talents or powers, story, premise, setting etc.
I hate to simplify my answer when everyone's elaborated but it's varying combinations of all of the above. Triple_R's list for identifiable by the online fandom are good qualifications for ubiquity. However, once the popularity is achieved there need to be ways of distinguishing the well-known amongst each other. Nobody would mistake Taiga Aisaka for Rin Tohsaka despite both of them being tsunderes, for example, while the only noticeable difference between K-On! and Hidamari Sketch is the artstyle.

So yeah, what makes an anime or character identifiable depends on the situation. It's not about how much recognition those traits have more than it is the right combination of those qualities to make it stand out.
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