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I think he means "identifiable" in the sense of "What makes you identify with a character?" Which tends to be a bit different depending on the person. We each tend to identify with people who are most like us, or are reacting in ways we have in the past.

For me, I tend to identify with stronger rational types (Nanoha, most shonen heroes), and tend to NOT identify with weak, emo types (Shinji, Madoka) who can't seem to make a real decision until the end of the series.

Even though this could descend into character discussion, I'll go a bit further explaining my reasoning. There is a certain character type that has become somewhat popular lately, called "moe." It's not something I like... well, I don't see it as bad, per se, when used in moderation. But it is being used too much nowadays, like fanservice. It is designed to specifically target the lolicons, and thus makes me feel uncomfortable. It feels like it is specifically created to be a socially acceptable form of pedophilia, ie, "I'm not a lolicon! I just like young moe girls!"

As I said, the character archtype is fine with moderation, but it very easily crosses a line into pandering if there are too many, or it is too pronounced.

This also leads into a problem I've called "moe thumping." It's when they take that helpless-looking girl and send her through horrible circumstances. BAM, instant fanbase. They kick the puppy as a cheap tactic of getting otaku to instantly fangasm over. While there is some justification, because this does happen in real life, it is highly risking crossing over into "Are you kidding me?" territory. Instead of taking the time to develop a character, it is all too easy to make them into a helpless moe type, and then thump them. Repeatedly, sometimes (Fate, Madoka, Homura).

Much like the fanservice in shows like Seikon no Qwasar or High School DxD, it feels tossed in just to up the popularity, to cover up for the weak plot and annoying character traits.

So, that's what I don't identify with. I tend to like the stronger, more rational characters, regardless of gender. Nanoha and Erza(Fairy Tail) being two of my favorites. Both women that are strong, and yet still feminine and with endearing traits. Erza is still capable of acting moe and cute from time to time, but it is more for comedy.

As for males... you can almost name any main guy from any shonen series, since they seem to be the epitome of strength. But they lose points if they are dumb (Natsu, Goku).
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