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I've seen some complaints already and while I can see that people could get that impression, it's a vastly different take on someone coming into a relationship. I'll give props to Yuuta; he's Rikka's boyfriend through everything.
Personally, I don't mind the inclusion of the Love Rival, but seriously, if Chuunibyou by some miracle get's a second season, and Shichimiya introduced, I can forsee that alot of fans would go: Chuunibyou has fallen into the typical Anime Romance trap of introducing a Love Rival. If not for the spoiler policy, I would have probably dropped the question:

If Kyo-ani was to introduce a Love Rival for a Second Season (on the low chance that it does occur, considering just how many other franchises Kyo-ani could go back to- FMP, Haruhi, and even K-on has significant to huge amounts of material that can be animated) , would it ruin the whole story?

It's actually a pity, that for whatever reason, Shichimiya and Yuuta ended up separated. even for a year. I think what was even more surprising was that they had no way of remaining in contact with one another, considering that she was Yuuta's closest friends. They have very good chemistry with one another - every bit as good as Yuuta has with Rikka.

It is devastating to meet a friend you are developing feelings for, after a year, only to find that he has already been taken.

However, I must admit, there was a part of me that thought: if the "Hostage" scene was animated, the amount of Hate Shichimiya would get from the audience would be.... considerable.
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