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I've seen alot of skepticism toward whether Chuunibyou could be continued, throughout the English Anime community. However, I think the few who have actually read the second volume of the LN by and large are of the opinion that Chuunibyou CAN be continued easily - presumably, even if Kyo-ani is not going to use the second volume, that suggest they have another idea.

And if they use the second volume, then possibly, the anime might converge back with the LN towards the last half or so, since I think it's possible to adapt Shinchimiya in without changing the general details of the second volume, even though the first season is almost unlike the first volume.

Since the LN thread is the only spoiler free thread, I'd think it's the only place so far where this question can be asked:

How likely will Satone Shinchimiya appear in the upcoming season of the anime, and how do you think the anime might handle it?

Right now, the most problematic scene in the first season is Yuuta's middle school flashback, where he confesses to a girl in full Chuunibyou mode. But, if Yuuta was already close friends with Satone, I'm not sure whether that scene is actually even likely. Of course, perhaps that girl in the flashback is the planned anime design for Satone, and Yuuta only dared to make such a Chuunibyou confession because it was.... Satone - and not because he was so delusional as to be unable to grasp how silly confessing in Chuunibyou mode was.

If this is the case, and indeed, Satone rejected Yuuta then, the relationship between Satone and Yuuta might then be not so much as pure one sided unrequited love, as it is a change of heart on the part of Satone that was just too late - by a few months. That might make things even more poignant. Rejecting a boy, parting from him for two years, and when you come back, and change your mind, find to your horror that another girl has already ninjaed her way into his heart, just a few months before you changed your mind.
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