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What is a civil servant? Why do we hate 'em? Why do we love 'em? And why is being one such a complicated thing? Those are the questions handled by this intro episode to the main trio: the rather well-endowed Lucy Yamagami, the timid Saya Miyoshi, and the email-hunting slacker "Tom" () Hasebe.

After watching the first episode of Working! on Hero TV, I was reminded of what I liked about Working!. The humor was handled, and the quirky cast manages to blend well together like a giant parfait. This time, in SxS, we get to see this kind of chemistry in a government office not a setting you'd often see in anime.

I definitely didn't regret picking this one up.

I'm a big fan of how the opening sequence blended 2D with 3D. And Lucy's sweater puppies ahoge is fun to watch.
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